The San Francisco Public Press needs you — DEADLINE: August 20

Climate change? Cost of living? Rising sea levels? Prying tech-startup eyes? The San Francisco Public Press can cover these stories — but only with your help. Be a Newsfunder … and join our donor flash-mob to support commercial-free journalism for all of San Francisco.

Give directly to the SF Public Press right now.


  • The San Francisco Public Press is a great organization doing commercial-free investigative reporting against all odds. They’ve broken some important stories, including segregation in San Francisco schools and SFPD inaction on domestic violence. They’ve also won some fancy awards, and are building a strong base.
  • They also have plenty of room for improvement; if this experiment succeeds, we’ll be able to help them take some much-needed strides forward — and make them depend on us for their success.
  • The SFPP has a major fundraiser going on right now. They’re ~$15,000 shy of hitting a $50,000 goal. Since their coverage is produced by paid freelancers, that kind of scratch goes a long way.


  • After you give, come back here and post in the comments section of this article (by name or anonymously, your choice) stating that you did give. This helps build collective commitment and inspires other participants.
  • Then, send a note to info@sfpublicpress.org identifying yourself as a newsfunder, and stating that your ongoing support is conditional on their performance in the public interest.


Tell your pals you donated and encourage them to do the same! Can you rustle up 10 more donors and get them to post their pledge here?

Holy smokes, we need 750 of us to close the SF Public Press’s funding gap! What a show of force that would be … but can we even get 10 people to give?


  • Newsfunders will follow-up this fall with an open discussion about choosing the next news nonprofit to support with a new round of mass $20 gifts.
  • This time next year, we revisit the SFPP and discuss their coverage over the previous 12 months, to determine whether to support them again.


2 thoughts on “The San Francisco Public Press needs you — DEADLINE: August 20”

  1. hey, happy to support SFPP – they do impressive work and hope they can continue informing and serving the city and its communities with real and honest investigation, fact finding and publishing..thank you!

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