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“Putting Immigrant Voices on the Air” (Deadline Oct. 8)

You can help Making Contact’s special team of six immigrant journalists explore how immigrants are participating in the 2016 election. Your donations will be doubled by a $20,000 matching gift, but if the campaign doesn’t hit the $40K mark, it all expires on Oct. 9 at 11:14 AM EDT.

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Making Contact, produced by the National Radio Project out of Oakland, California, produces longer investigations and enterprise coverage of issues that often don’t get a lot of depth in mainstream media. The program has won a variety of awards and is heard on public and community radio stations around the United States. Coverage goes deep on issues that are often politicized and of particular interest to left and progressive communities. Founded in 1994, Making Contact’s scope of coverage is international.

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  • 501c3 organization, Tax ID 94-3239511, INTERNATIONAL MEDIA PROJECT is Making Contact’s official non-profit name


Reporting & issues

“Making Contact produces media that analyzes critical issues and showcases grassroots solution, in order to inform and inspire audiences to action.

“Rather than cover breaking news, we specialize in long-format sound-rich radio features. We are particularly interested in WHY and root causes, structures and systems, as well as who what where when.

“We want the people most affected by issues to be at the center of our stories. Our topics are often at the intersections of these topic silos: Environment, racial justice, economic justice, LGBTQ, women’s health and reproductive rights, police and prisons, undue corporate influence, food and ag, culture, international affairs, war, peace and much in between.

“Hosts Andrew Stelzer, Laura Flynn, and Jasmín López work with a team of freelancers and storytellers from around the world to bring you some of the most important social justice and human rights issues of our time.”

Medium — Radio and audio

“We believe that evocative sound-rich radio has a unique effectiveness as well as the ability to reach beyond ‘readers’ to a very broad audience. Occasionally when we are slow-cooking on one of our enterprise pieces, we will present a strong speech or panel presentation or adapt a video-documentary.”


“We are delighted when community groups applaud our work along with recognition and awards from journalism organizations — for instance, two awards in 2014 from the Society of Professional Journalists-Northern California.”

Partnerships & distribution

“Our focus is on radio and audio podcasts but we enjoy cross platform collaborations with print, web and video partners.

“We are broadcast each week on 112 radio and another two dozen stations air our programs frequently as specials. These non-commercial stations span 33 states and include National Public Radio affiliates, Pacifica Network and university stations, community stations, grassroots/low-power FM stations, and Native American-owned stations.

“We reach approximately 70,000 listeners via radio and tens of thousands more via our digital channels.”

Does Making Contact accept commercial sponsorships or ads?

“We are independent and non-commercial. We have recently for the first time accepted a material donation in exchange for a thank you mention on our website text, and in our podcasts (but not broadcasts) — ‘Our software sponsor for the Community Storytelling Fellowship is Hindenburg,’ with a Hindenburg logo and a link on the page.

“It is challenging to make our work sustainable, and we are exploring other income streams and discussing taking on very selective underwriting. Currently however, we receive no corporate or government funding and the majority of our income comes from small family foundations and individual donations–or as we say in public radio, ‘people like you.'”

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